Dog Training

Best Friends Dog Training in Pittsburgh, PA

With more than 20 combined years working with dogs, Debi Meehan, CCDT, and Nicole Duckworth, CCDT, are now pleased to offer certified dog training to all breeds and sizes of dogs through Best Friends Dog Training.

Obedience Training Class Special — $99

Puppy and Adult Basic Obedience Classes. Please call or email about our training class starting in January.

» Call 412-418-2601 or send us an e-mail for more info or to register.

Dog Training Packages

At Best Friends Dog Training, we offer solutions to your pet problems through a variety of different training packages. These packages all include a complimentary initial consultation. Our current packages are:

Training and Daycare

This package includes training sessions with just the trainers and your dog. They will be held during the break if your dog is attending doggie daycare at Airy Pines. They are five- 30 minute sessions plus a 15- minute review at the end of each session with owner and dog. Homework and behavior worksheets are included. Training $200.00 + 5 days of daycare $100.00

Private Lessons

Private lessons are with the trainer, the owner, and the dog. They include: five- one hour sessions, with behavior handouts and homework worksheets. $300

Private Lessons are done with the trainers, the owners, and their dog. These will be held after kennel hours and will have to be made by an appointment.

Areas of Concentration Include:

  • Sticky paws
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Sit/Stay (short to long distances depending on how well your dog progresses)
  • Down/Stay (short to long distances depending on how well your dog progresses)
  • Loose leash walking
  • Leave it (short to long distances depending on how well your dog progresses)
  • Jumping
  • Pay attention
  • Come (short to long distances depending on how well your dog progresses)
  • Go to mat or crate
  • Drop it
  • Puppy Biting
  • Give Paw or High 5
  • Potty training (20-minute consultation)

Following the initial consultation, we will give you an idea about how long a specific command will take and as with learning anything new, practice makes perfect!

Note: Depending on the severity of the issue, you may need more than one hour for a specific command.

If you would like your dog to be trained while at Airy Pines Boarding Kennel for a daycare or a boarding stay, those charges will be billed separately. The follow-up/review would then take place following your daycare or boarding stay.

For all training sessions, please contact us and make an appointment:

Debi Meehan 412-418-2601
Nicole Duckworth 412-600-7477


Also, if you would be interested in joining one of our group classes, please give us a call for more information on our group classes.

If we do not answer, all calls will be returned between 12:30-2:30 p.m. and 6:30-8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please leave a message.