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Dog Shedding Solutions from Airy Pines Kennel

Dog Shedding Solutions

Your dog’s hair is a beautiful thing… until you start seeing it all over your clothes, couch and floor! While a dog typically sheds in the springtime, a dog kept indoors can shed all year long. Despite our best efforts you cannot prevent shedding, but here are some effective solutions to curb dog shedding problems.

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Chocolate Toxic for Dogs

Toxic Food for Dogs

Unfortunately, many foods that we as humans can eat have an adverse and sometimes fatal affect on our dogs. We need to be careful when we have certain foods lying around the house and we need to ensure that these foods are kept away from our dogs to prevent anything harmful from happening.

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Happy Pittsburgh Puppy

Guinness World Record Dogs

All dog owners believe that their dog is pretty great… but are they a record-breaking dog? Check out the stats of these amazing dogs, all featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Smiling puppy at Pittsburgh dog boarding kennel

Famous Dogs Quiz

How well do you know your famous dogs? Take this short quiz to find out if you are a “Top Dog” or “In the Doghouse!”

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